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Life and Work




How the changing workplace could reshape American health care


Stacker, January 2022

Covid-19 continues to impact businesses and workers. Remote and hybrid arrangements are gaining a stronger foothold. While many remain long-term unemployed, many others are quitting their jobs. This massive disruption is inevitably impacting health care as well.

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7 Tips for Boosting Your Financial Safety


First Citizens Bank, September 2021

You can adopt impactful habits and use simple tools to help enhance your financial safety. If you'd like to know how to protect your financial information online, here are seven techniques to master.

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How to Hold a Yard Sale in the Pandemic Safely — or Go to One


Next Avenue, April 2021

Like so many other communal events, yard sales largely vanished last spring. No one wanted to catch the coronavirus from a fellow bargain hunter, much less a 25-cent teddy bear. But as yard sales return, here's how sellers and shoppers can stay safe.

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Is Job Hopping Good or Bad Financially?


First Citizens Bank, June 2021

Is job hopping good or bad? It's a question many workers will be asking as the labor market improves and voluntarily leaving a position becomes a more viable option. From a monetary standpoint, the answer can be complicated.

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How your food consumption impacts the global environment


Stacker, August 2020

I used news reports, studies, and blog posts from environmental organizations to compile a list of ways food production and consumption impact the environment. I was surprised to learn food accounts for 10%–30% of a household's carbon footprint.

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