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The community banks that are centering culture


Independent Banker, April 2024

A company's culture is the mix of values, mission and practices that guide behavior and decision-making. It can also affect how employees feel about coming into work. This story spotlights three community banks that have invested in a chief culture officer.

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Independent Banker April 2024 cover
Saving for a wedding: Tips before you tie the knot


Thrivent, July 2023

If you're getting married soon, one of the best gifts you can give yourself is protecting your savings for the new life you're creating together. Consider these steps to keep your wedding saving and spending in check as you approach the big day.

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How the changing workplace could reshape American health care


Stacker, January 2022

Covid-19 continues to impact businesses and workers. Remote and hybrid arrangements are gaining a stronger foothold. While many remain long-term unemployed, many others are quitting their jobs. This massive disruption is inevitably impacting health care as well.

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Independent Banker April 2022 Cover
The Future of Workplace Flexibility


Independent Banker, April 2022 

An evolution in employee expectations is challenging community banks to figure out how to balance new methods of working while maintaining the personal touch and local knowledge that help them win and keep customers.

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Is Job Hopping Good or Bad Financially?


First Citizens Bank, June 2021

Is job hopping good or bad? It's a question many workers will be asking as the labor market improves and voluntarily leaving a position becomes a more viable option. From a monetary standpoint, the answer can be complicated.

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