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Offering Consistency in Inconsistent Times
Independent Banker, July 2023 

While the word "consistency" doesn't have an easy association with the current banking environment, consistency in various forms has helped three very different community banks excel at commercial lending.

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Cover of Independent Banker's July 2023 issue
Independent Banker April 2023 cover.jpg
6 ways to build a better onboarding experience


Independent Banker, April 2023 

The first few weeks of an employee starting a new job are pivotal in terms of how they’ll connect to their new company and their role. I spoke with community bankers about how they have perfected their onboarding processes.

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How the SECURE Act 2.0 affects small businesses


Thrivent, February 2023 

SECURE Act 2.0 impacts small businesses by providing new tools and incentives to benefit both employers and employees. This story shares some key provisions that small business owners should know about.

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Independent Banker's February 2023 cover
Independent Banker April 2022 Cover
MDIs and CDFIs bolster minority-owned businesses


Independent Banker, February 2023 

This piece explores how three community banks are putting an influx of capital from the Treasury’s Emergency Capital Investment Program (ECIP) to good use for their institutions and the communities they serve.

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The Future of Workplace Flexibility


Independent Banker, April 2022 

An evolution in employee expectations is challenging community banks to figure out how to balance new methods of working while maintaining the personal touch and local knowledge that help them win and keep customers.

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