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Tips for Buying a New Car in Today's Market


Next Avenue, June 2022

Buying a new vehicle today takes resourcefulness, patience and flexibility. Healthy doses of luck and digital savvy go a long way, too. This story shares some things buyers should know to prepare for the topsy-turvy road ahead.
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How do ETFs work?


Thrivent, July 2022

Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) may sound like intimidating investment instruments, but at their core, they're diversified portfolios, like mutual funds, that are easily traded, like stocks. But how do ETFs work exactly?
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How much Social Security does a divorced spouse get?


Thrivent, May 2022

Just as marriages and government programs can be complicated, so can navigating Social Security after a marriage ends. This piece explores the rules about divorced spouse benefits and surviving divorced spouse benefits.
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How saving when you're young impacts your overall wealth


Stacker, February 2022

A good interest rate and the power of compounding can grow wealth over time if someone saves $1 a day starting at age five. I spotlight developmental and financial considerations that savers have at different ages.
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Taking College Courses in High School Is Supposed to Save You Money. Here's How Dual Enrollment Classes Really Work


Money, April 2020

Word on the street is dual enrollment courses can help lower the bill for higher education. Yet, while experts say such advanced courses do offer abundant benefits, saving money isn’t necessarily one you can count on.
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