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Highest rate of unemployment ever recorded in your state


Stacker, June 2020

Forty-three states hit their highest recorded unemployment rate in April 2020, and I explored the reasons why Covid-19 dealt such a blow. I also explained when and why the 7 other states saw their record unemployment highs.
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Taking College Courses in High School Is Supposed to Save You Money. Here's How Dual Enrollment Classes Really Work


Money, April 2020

Word on the street is dual enrollment courses can help lower the bill for higher education. Yet, while experts say such advanced courses do offer abundant benefits, saving money isn’t necessarily one you can count on.
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Embracing Home Renovations When You’re Resistant to Change


Next Avenue, January 2020

Renovations don't excite everyone: Some balk at the expense or the disruption. But in other cases, it’s at least partly about a resistance to change. If you’re a reno resister, there may be good reasons to push through the opposition.
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Fastest-growing Jobs From The Last 10 Years


Stacker August 2019

Stacker compiled a list of 50 jobs that grew the most in the last 10 years based on occupational data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics. I explained what these workers have been doing for the past decade.
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Pruning Your Trees Can Save You Cash—Here's How, August 2019

Gorgeous trees can help you fall in love with a house, but the sticker shock of caring for those beauties may test your affection. Still, pruning trees is a necessary expense that will help beautify your yard and has financial benefits.

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