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Fireside Chat with LiveIntent and McDonald’s at Brand Innovators


LiveIntent Blog, May 2019

This is a Q+A I did with Jason Oates, LiveIntent's chief business officer. I asked Jason to reflect on the conversation he had with Elizabeth Campbell, who is tasked with finding the way forward for customer experience at McDonald’s.

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Logo of LiveIntent blog
Logo of LiveIntent blog
Four Mistakes Email Marketers Using Online Data Should Avoid


LiveIntent Blog, March 2018

Email has always been a great mechanism for communicating to a large group of your customers, but there are mistakes marketers should avoid when integrating data into email marketing for personalization. This story shares four of the most common.

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Cover of EContent July/Aug 18 issue
How to Dominate Global Google Searches


EContent, July/August 2018

One search result that won’t pop up on Google is the secret sauce for ranking well in the search engine’s individual country indexes. Reports like the Searchmetrics SEO World Rankings can help practitioners draw conclusions, however.

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Cover of 2017 Advertising Week Official Guide
EContent magazine cover March/April 2017
Need Some Programmatic 101?


2017 Advertising Week Official Guide, September 2017

Programmatic is constantly evolving, and keeping up with the furious pace of innovations isn’t easy. That’s why we sought help from expert Jon Mansell, who served up some valuable insights with a side of predictions.
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Technology And Transparency in The Fight Against Ad Fraud


EContent, March 2017

Technology is a key weapon in the fight against ad fraud, but buyers, sellers and the companies in between must also have smart business practices. For publishers, practices largely pertain to two issues: third-party traffic and transparency for ad buys.
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