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Running Your Art Studio Like a Business


Artsy, September 2018

Can an artist also be a good businessperson? Of course. In fact, running a studio like a small business can go a long way to ensuring that creatives can use their art to support themselves and those they employ.

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The Costco Connection February 2018 cover
Growing Your Business Through Referrals


The Costco Connection, February 2018

Wish you could stop marketing and instead rely largely on the good word of others to acquire new customers for your small business? It takes effort, but it’s possible, especially if you’re in the service sector.

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Diversity Woman's Fall 2017 Cover
The Costco Connection May 2017 cover
The Costco Connection Dec. 2016 cover
Cyber Smarts


Diversity Woman, September 2017

With so many ways to profit off you, hackers have many reasons to be interested in your computer and the data on it. Potentially being in the crosshairs of people who are finding new ways to avoid detection doesn’t feel great, but you can take defensive measures.

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Use customer satisfaction surveys to improve your business


The Costco Connection, May 2017

Asking customers if they're happy with your business and what you sell isn't easy, but responses to customer satisfaction surveys can both illuminate the good and reveal areas that need attention.

This piece offers tips for creating effective surveys.

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Creating Good User Experiences


The Costco Connection, December 2016

Having a website is great, in fact today it’s essential, but merely having an online presence isn’t enough. You also need to offer visitors a good online experience. Positive first impressions are key, and bad interactions can lead to lost sales.

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