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Tamara Merino


PDN, March 2019
Photographer Merino, named among the PDN 30, brings depth to headline news in some works. In others, she explores realities that challenged her imagination like communities living underground or in cave houses.  

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Into The Woods


PDNedu, March 2018
Fine art photographer Ellie Davies has spent years expressing the relationship humans have with the woods. She uses the tools of a keen eye and, at times, pools of light or materials that alter the terrain like smoke, paint & wool.   

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Innovation in Imaging: A Field Guide


PDNedu, March 2017
There’s no magic blueprint for innovation, but there’s a lot to learn from veteran photographers who have each left a mark on the industry. I spoke with five Nikon Ambassadors to uncover elements of the innovation formula.

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The Graduation of Senior Portraiture


Rangefinder, September 2016
With more parents willing to dig deep for pricey packages, photographers are tapping into their millennial clientele with some clever branding techniques and social media know-how. This story explores how shooters can win with the new kind of senior portrait.
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Can Photographers Make Money With Stock?


Popular Photography, September 2014
Today stock agencies are giving part-time photographers and hobbyists opportunities to sell images alongside those who make their living from selling stock. Still, the crowded stock-photo field makes it difficult to earn rewards.
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